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Condo Frequently Asked Questions
The Condo Market

Those considering condos often ask the following questions:

1 Will condos continue to increase in value?

YES! Consider the value of condos to the following people:

  • Are you a first time buyer? They're the most affordable housing on the market. First time home buyers buy CONDOS!
  • Are you a boomer? Aging boomers are seeking simplified lifestyles. Boomers buy CONDOS!
  • Do you have an empty-nest? Kids move on, the house is too big, and the yard is too much work. Empty-nesters buy CONDOS!
  • Are you a commuter? Everyone wants to live in the Northwest, but some may have to work somewhere else. Commuters buy CONDOS!

2 Can any Realtor® buy or sell condos?

Yes, but... Some Realtors® have more expertise than others. I am well qualified because:

  • For many years, I owned and operated a property management company which specialized in managing condominiums.
  • During the last ten years, I have specialized in the sale and purchase of condominiums.

3 How does my experience help condo buyers?

My experience helps you with:

  • Efficiency. I'll help you find a property that meets your needs -- with no wasted time!
  • Contacts. I help determine who to contact with questions about alterations, additions, or other changes.
  • Interpretations. I'll help interpret financial reports, declarations and bylaws, and rules and regulations.
  • Pitfalls. I'll help you recognize pitfalls, and determine what's good or what's bad.