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Oregon Property Seller Advisory

A Consumer Information Publication of the Oregon Association of Realtors®

Oregon real estate licensees provide valuable services to property owners who wish to sell their property. A licensed real estate professional can provide a variety of services to sellers in addition to listing the property and placing it in a multiple listing service. These services include helping the seller understand their legal obligations, including required disclosures, establishing a fair price, marketing the property, negotiating the sale and helping the seller with contract performance. A real estate licensee is not, however, qualified to discover defects, evaluate the physical condition of property, give legal advice or provide other services beyond the scope of their real estate license.

This Advisory is designed to assist home sellers in meeting their obligations as a seller of real property in Oregon. Common issues that arise in Oregon real property transactions are summarized in this Advisory. In addition to understanding these common issues, the seller should tell the licensee with whom they are working about any special concerns or issues regarding the condition of the property, state of the title or other problems that may surface during the transaction.

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